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Tankerman-PIC training

Here are schools with Tankerman-PIC training or with U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses related to Tankerman-PIC certification. The list refers to courses approved by the Coast Guard. Not all are open to the public.

Pardon the unfinished state of the list. Most of the links are not ready. Please send additions and corrections to webmaster@wheelhousereport.org

The webmaster will be updating the marine schools section of the Wheelhouse Report site. To keep informed about changes and additions, join the e-mail list!


Big River Academy LLC

C2T Group, Ltd.

Calhoon MEBA


Fremont Maritime Services

Fryoux Tankerman Service

Hollywood Marine

HP & Associates

Kirby Marine Transportation

Lamar University


Marshall Community & Technical College
Inland Waterways Academy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy

PCS Phosphate

Petroleum Service Corp.

The River School

Sause Bros. Ocean Towing Co.

Sea School

Star Center

STAR Center

State University Of New York

Texas A&M

Two Rivers Marine Training

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy





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